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Apr 01, 1965 · Directed by Maury Dexter. With Shirley Eaton, Ken Scott, Mairi Hronopoulou, John Holland. A British girl is trapped on the island of Crete when the Germans invade it.5.8/10(17). The Naked Brigade is a 1965 Greek-American war film directed by Maury Dexter and starring Shirley Eaton, Ken Scott and Mary Chronopoulou. The screenplay concerns a British girl who becomes trapped on Crete during World War II.

Joshua Milton Blahyi (born September 30, 1971), often known by his nom de guerre General Butt Naked, is a former commander of forces under the wider control of Liberian warlord Roosevelt Johnson. Blahyi was known for his violence and atrocities during the First Liberian Civil War in the early 1990s.Allegiance: ULIMO-J. Overview of The Naked Brigade, 1965, directed by Maury Dexter, with Shirley Eaton, Ken Scott, Mary Chronopoulou, at Turner Classic Movies.

The Naked Brigade (1965) A British girl trapped in Crete during the German invasion escapes with the aid of a group of female guerrillas. Release Date: 1965. The Butt Naked Brigade had a sideline in drug, weapons and diamond dealing. The Liberian coast was used as a drop-off point by Mexican drug cartels. The General's men would do a trade.