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You (now called the “applicant”) can use the application on this page for protection against sexual assault only if you reasonably believe that you have been the victim of “sexual assault” by the “adverse party” (the person you are seeking protection from). The adverse party has committed the . Filing a civil protection order is a formal process that results in a formal court hearing. As lawyers who have watched and participated in hundreds of these hearings, it is clear that the formal and serious nature of these hearing has an effect on most people. can file for a Sexual Assault Protection Order. This type of order is highly.

A sexual assault protection order is a civil order issued by the court on behalf of a sexual assault victim. The order can require the alleged perpetrator to stay away from the victim or place(s) where the victim lives or works and to have no further contact with the victim. custody of your children and/or continue a protection order, you will need to file a domestic relations case in District Court. Do understand the Defendant will not go to jail just because a civil protection order is entered. If you have been a victim of a crime, in addition to seeking a civil protection order, you also.

As a victim of sexual assault, you have the right to file a petition requesting protection in a CIVIL court. There does not have to be an arrest, police report or criminal charge to request a civil Protection Order. A civil Protection Order is different from a criminal order that would almost automatically be put into place if criminal charges were filed on your abuser. If you have been sexual assaulted, you may be able to file for a sexual assault protection order which can order the abuser to stay away from you. Restraining Orders: Sexual Assault Protection Orders |

Sexual Assault Protection Order, A petition can be filed by: By a person, 16 or older, who is a victim of sexual assault (unless the victim qualifies for a domestic violence protection order). Any person* on behalf of a victim of sexual assault (unless the victim qualifies for a domestic violence protection order. Apr 05, 2019 · For more information on what type of protections you can get with a civil protection order based on stalking, sexual assault, or sexual abuse, as well as the steps to file for one, please go to our Civil Protection Orders (for domestic violence victims) pages since the information is the same.