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Whatever the reason for celebrity gay rumors, not all of them are true. On this list are some of the biggest suspected homosexual actors, at least according to tabloids and Internet chatter. Take a look through this collection of faces from film and television and see which actors you love are rumored to be gay. For instance, actor Rock Hudson was a well known homosexual behind the scenes of Hollywood, and had to keep careful watch of what the media said about him. Hudson never officially came out, but he became one of the first celebrities to die of AIDS-related illnesses in 1985.

The party scene during the Golden Age of Hollywood is legendary; just imagine the biggest, most beautiful movie stars in the world mingling in the Hollywood Hills. Despite the almost non-stop press blitz to which these stars were subjected, not every aspect of their lives was public. You may be. Mar 30, 2018 · Others, though, say he attended gay Hollywood pool parties, had "private conferences" at the Sportsmen's Club in North Hollywood, behind locked doors with men only, liked to invite hot youg studs to go out on his boat with him, and maintained a house in the state of Washington which was a private getaway for him and his "buddies.".

Jul 18, 2018 · Honestly, there are a ton of super-fine men in Hollywood, but Tinsel Town's gay elite are some of the hottest out there — because there's nothing sexier than owning and loving who you are. Jul 31, 2018 · This movie focuses on a time in Hollywood when it was more acceptable to be adulterous than gay, there were morals clauses [that made it a firable offense to be gay] and vice squads and magazines outing people. Then in walks this guy Scotty Bowers.Author: Maxwell Strachan.