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list of adult drive ins - Welcome to The Moonlite Drive-In Theatre in Brookville, PA!

Jul 06, 2015 · The physical address of this drive-in theater is 1291 Condit St, Huntington, IN. It is recognized as one of the oldest standing drive-ins in the state of Indiana. Recently purchased by new owners, it is technically now called “Goodrich Quality Theaters.” 6. M.E.L.S. at the Starlite Drive-In . Photo Illustration Daily Beast. Anyone who watched an adult film at a drive-in can thank Mohney, as he’s the man who set the table for drive-in owners all over the U.S. to pack their lots with patrons looking for some cinema skin. Mohney is the Daddy of the Adult Drive-In, starting with the Sceen Drive-In in Durand Author: Steve Miller.

The Apache Drive-in is one of two adult only drive-in theaters in Texas (and we think just 1 of 2 in the United States) that show only XXX Rated movie more about Apache Drive-in Permanantly Closed Drive-ins Buckhorn Drive-in Route 44 Alice, TX 78332 The Buckhorn was a great family drive-in . Apr 13, 2011 · The 1950s Drive-in Movies The drive-in's peak popularity came in the late 1950s and early 1960s, particularly in rural areas, with some 4,000 drive-ins spreading across the United States. Among its advantages was the fact that a family with a baby could take care of their child while watching a movie, while teenagers with access to autos found Author: Miss Retro.

Now the drive-ins have to invest over $100,000 to convert to digital projection. This conversion must be done by 2013 or any and all drive-in theatres will be out of business as the film companies will no longer be offering film as an option. State & Province Search Guide to Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives Near Me Complete online listing & restaurant locations guide to the best DDD locations at your fingertips! United States of America: Alabama, Alaska.