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This adult pull up features tear-away sides for ease in changing. The product quickly changes from a formed diaper to a flat one with a tug on the side, which means the person doesn't have to stand to change it. If you do experience leakage in these pull ups, it can be for several different reasons. Mar 27, 2008 · My girlfriend Melissa and me were wearing diapers and watching a movie and by the time of the end of the movie when she was about to leave she took of her diaper and when she opened the diaper was all bloody and you could see that the blood had soaked enough to see in the front of the diaper. it worked out for her. its probably to much protection. im not a girl but i would wear a adult pull.

Jan 15, 2018 · These liners are perfect for placing inside of Tranquility pull up or wrap around adult diapers. For several hrs of protection I place 1 TopLiner onto the diaper inside, as shown in product photo. Then, I place another TopLiner sticky side onto the top of the first one.4.4/5(463). Most, but not all, states offer some coverage, and that coverage varies widely from one state to another. Most states that offer this benefit cover disposable adult briefs or pull-ups, bladder control pads or guards, and bed underpads; some states also cover wipes and gloves.

View TENA's extensive range of adult incontinence products for men and women, and get help finding the right product to fit your unique lifestyle. TENA.us stocks our full assortment of incontinence supplies, including, liners, ultra thin pads, incontinence pads, male absorbent guards, adult diapers, briefs, and products to maintain skin health. Jul 09, 2018 · wearing diaper/pullups during period. Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by indianprincesss, Jan 30, 2011. No I'm not one of those adult babies. neither do I wear diapers for going #1 or 2 in eww! I will admit every once and awhile wearing a diaper/pullup just around the house as though it was regular panties. so pull ups and pads.